Spark and Craft is a digital design studio that helps clients convey their messages with intelligent, sincere and purposeful designs. We use the latest technology to deliver websites and accompanying visual designs that inspire action.

What we're all about

We believe good design adds value, but not without a broad understanding of our clients' needs and how to interact with a wide array of consumer touch points.

We deliver high-end, thought provoking designs that elevate brands. Our goal is the success of your brand. As such, we have developed unique digital design packages that incorporate the most crucial elements of successful digital campaigns; websites, social media presence, search engine optimization and instant identification using eye-catching, memorable and message conveying logo designs.

Our full range of services are tailored expertly to your needs, so you will only be given exactly what your brand needs to succeed.

Beautiful Brands. Stunning Websites. Engaging Visual Stories.

Award-Winning Creative Director and Lead Designer, Andre Ventura, has used his self-taught, multidisciplinary design skills since 2004, doing contract work, as well as working for design agencies in New York and Atlanta, before founding Spark and Craft in 2014. He is a tireless researcher, constantly studying and practicing new techniques and technologies to help elevate the brands he works with.

"Sometimes, one chance to impress is all you'll get. Why not give them something their eyes won't forget?"

Client Reviews

“I really can't say enough about the respect and admiration I have for Andre and his team over at Spark and Craft. The work they do is unique and amazing, and it really feels like they are one of us every time they create us something brilliant.” - Kyle Miller, LRM Productions.

“These guys have a knack for art direction. They knew where we needed to be after a short phone meeting and some preliminary research. They end results made us all the more proud of our own work.” - Polly Ann Bosley, Bosley Farms

“Working with Andre and the team at Spark was easily one of the best business decisions I have ever personally made. We challenged, they stepped up and delivered” - Helena C, Brave Souls

“The team at Spark and Craft are incredibly adept at problem solving. Before working with them, we had an outdated, frustrating company image. They recognized our problems and delivered the goods, tenfold.” - Wes Mendelson

“Andre and the people over at Spark and Craft are pretty amazing at what they do. The whole time we worked together it felt like they were as committed to my success as they are their own” - Elo Myers

“Never before have I worked with a creative specialist who got exactly what I was looking for so well. I still sometimes go to our website just to admire the beauty of it. Our brand is safe in their capable hands” - Shelly Hastings, Spacerize Interiors