For the Love of Beef: Zeta Burger

Zeta Burger is a high concept burger joint with planned nationwide chains through 2019. We are working on crafting an overall brand image for the startup. When owner, Stacey Green, got in contact with us last month, ironically we were all sitting around wondering what to order for lunch. Needless to say, we got burgers.

We even promise our vegan burger will make non-vegans want another one when they’re done!STACY GREEN

In all seriousness though, Zeta Burger is named after the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet. Stacy and co. chose zeta because of their six principles to great burgers; grass-fed beef, juicy interior, cast-iron pan, fresh-baked bun, ample seasoning, and a lotta love.


We approached the project with the realistic mindset that there are a lot of burger joints out there. A lot. So naturally we wanted to give Stacy and her team something that would stay fresh in the mind well before you even taste anything on the menu. Our designs are a hit so far, but Stacy wanted everyone to know just how good their burgers would be.”We even promise our vegan burger will make non-vegans want another one when they’re done!”


Out of this world good.”The thing about burgers is, unless you haven’t had one, or your religion or diet demands you avoid them, you could pretty much eat a burger any time someone suggested it.

We wanted eye catching designs that could perfectly compliment the feeling you’ll undoubtedly have when you try our burgers for the first time.” Stacy spent a few years working on the ingredients and the menu, carefully perfecting a balance she considers ‘perfection’. From traditional beef to bison, chicken, turkey and even veggie burgers, potato, sweet potato, and veggie fries, Zeta Burger definitely puts a nice spin on the traditional burger place.



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